B50 Tour Rear Wheel Indoor Cycle Exercise Bike – Red

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B50 Tour Indoor Cycle is an incredible exercise bike that offers more of an outdoor feel to cycling enthusiasts of all levels with its rear wheel position and gear lever tension control!


The bike is fitted with a 20kg rear positioned flywheel, with a belt drive mechanism that provides a smooth ‘real feel’ cycling workout.


This is an advantage to keen cyclists or fitness enthusiasts who are looking for an even more engaging cycling experience more akin to cycling outdoors on a road bike for instance. The B50 also comes packed with a variety of friction resistance options operated by a convenient gear lever handle so adjustments can be made easily but also controlled more consistently than a dial function resistance mechanism.


Included on your exercise bike are transport wheels to enable you to move it around with ease. This is especially useful if you have limited space within your home, simply move your bike out of the way when it’s not in use.


Indoor cycles are hugely popular and are a fantastic solution for training at home as they typically require a modest amount of space while also being easily manoeuvred in to place for use. Cycling is a wonderful form of exercise and benefits include:


  • Increased Calorie Burning
  • Overall improvements in general fitness
  • Improved lower body muscle tone
  • Low impact exercise for sustained joint health
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