Fitness Club Adjustable Squat Rack

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If you're looking for a multi-function barbell stand, our Fitness Club Adjustable Squat Rack is for you. This rack is ideal for Squatting and Pressing. New Multi-function Barbell Rack, assembly is simple, has a durable design and provide you with quality fitness equipment, allowing you to enjoy at home will be able to exercise. 



1. Precise workmanship, better stability
2. Double height adjustable
3. Firm and durable
4. suitable for home use, assembly is simple, easy and convenient daily fitness
5. Heavy-duty steel construction material
6. Be adjusted to suit your height, to achieve a better workout results
7. Ideal for pressing, bench, squat or standing
8. Comes Fully Assembled,occupied area is small, easy to store and easy to carry



1. Material: Q195 Huaxi Special Steel
2. Colour: Black & Red
3. Dimensions: 66*65-110*113-158cm
4. Middle Bottom Bar Width: 60-105cm
5. Hand Support Tube Center Distance: 65-110cm
6. Dumbbell Rod Length: 8.07" / 20.5cm
7. Bench Presser 5 Height Adjustment: 52-72cm
8. Weight: 39.68lb / 18kg
10. Packing Quantity: 1 Set / Box


Package Includes:

1 x Barbell Frame
2 x Wrench
1 x Manual

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