Fitness Club Quarter Rack

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Fitness Club Quarter Rack - If you're looking for a multi-function Fitness Rack, check out this the Fitness Club Quarter Rack. This rack is ideal for pressing, bench, squat or standing press. New Multi-function Fitness Rack, assembly is simple, durable, and provides you with a high quality item of fitness equipment,


1. Precise workmanship, better stability
2. Suitable for home use, assembly is simple, easy and convenient daily fitness
3. Heavy-duty steel construction material
4. Adjustable to suit your height, to achieve a better workout results
5. Ideal for pressing, bench, squat or standing press


1. Material: Iron
2. Dimensions: (47.24 x 43.31 x 82.68)" / (120 x 110 x 210)cm(L x W x H)
3. Weight: 55.12lbs / 29kg
4. Gear Adjustment: 29 Level Adjustable Barbell Rack Height 12"-76"


Package Includes:
1 x Fitness Rack

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