Fitness Club Wall Balls

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Using the Fitness Club Wall Balls, are great for all your HIIT or Crossfit style workouts. These Wall Balls can be applied to a variety of training, such as throwing training, breakthrough training, balance training, strength training, explosive training.

Our soft medicine balls are finely sewn to increase the tightness of the ball. It uses high-quality fabrics with good resilience. Available in 3, 6, 9kg single balls. 


1. Applicable to a variety of training
2. Refined sewing to increase the tightness of the ball
3. High-quality fabrics, good resilience
4. Tightly route the wires, not easy to break
5. Long service life


1. Material: PVC Fabric PP Cotton
2. Colour: Yellow
3. Size: 35cm In Diameter
4. Weight: 6.61lbs / 3kg

Package Includes:
1 x Fitness Soft Medicine Ball

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