Foldable Wall Mounted Rack

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The Foldable Wall Mounted Rack is a brilliant rigging system for any gym with limited space. The Foldable Wall Mounted Rack is very popular with people setting up a home or garage gym. It is also great for Personal Training Studios. 


This Rig needs to be bolted to a solid wall. It comes with a special hinge and pin system that is easy to install and when fully assembled is incredibly solid and will give you confidence when squatting or pressing. 7.5 x 7.5 Box Section Steel also provides a huge level of stability and weight capacity. 


Very close hole spacing also provides convenience and comfort when training with it. This rig comes in black and is self assembled. 




  • Colour: matte black powder-coated

  • Height: 2300 mm

  • Width: 1230 mm

  • Depth: 610 mm

  • Dimensions upright stand: 7.5 x 7.5 cm, 3 cm thick steel

  • Maximum load capacity: 400 kg

  • Space-saving solution

  • Including easily adjustable, integrated pull-up bar

  • Including high quality J-hooks with plastic protection for the bar

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