Free Standing Punch Bag and Base

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Free Standing Punch Bag and Base 

Suitable for all kinds of fitness exercises punching bag is professional fitness equipment that can be used for Taekwondo, Judo, Martial Arts, Boxing and geenral fitness. 

It covers an area of only 10 square feet. It is very suitable for home, office, gymnasium and improvement. Increasing your endurance, speed and accuracy


Feature :


Solid high-quality material——the boxing bag is wrapped by thick PU leather, and the inside is filled with highly elastic, high-density EPE foam material. You don't have to look for materials to fill the sandbag. It is cheap and durable.

Beautiful and comfortable——the heavy punching bag has a 2mm thick polyurethane sandblasted surface, which can with stand long-term hits without hurting your hands or legs. The leather joints are made of hand-made nylon sewing + mechanical stitching, smooth lines, beautiful and comfortable, tear-resistant crack.

Stable base——free standing punching bag The sturdy ABS armoured base tank with round tires is designed to be easy to rollover. The bottom includes 12 powerful suction cups to add extra strong grip and stop the base from moving. Glue it well on hardwood floors, ceramic tiles and concrete floors.

Low-noise design——Dual TPU absorbers and 4springs achieve 360° shock absorption and noise absorption, so don't have to worry about using sound to affect others, you can vent your own pressure.



  • SandbagWeight:29.74lb
  • BaseWeight: 7.71lb
  • Sandbag: Size:44.5x11x11in
  • BaseSize: 14x18x18in
  • Spring: 4
  • Material: PU;EPE


Package includes:

  • 1*Base
  • 1*Sand bag with spring
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