Jordan Fitness HG Black Rubber Bumper Weight Plates - Coloured Fleck

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These Hi-Temp fleck coloured bumper weight plates, not only look great, but they are also made from recycled rubber. 
  • Designed in line with International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) and International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) colour standards, these weight plates are impact-resistant and hard-wearing, ideal for powerlifting.
  • Fleck and lettering to match Olympic colours white or grey (5kg), green (10kg), yellow (15kg), blue (20kg), red (25kg)
  • Less dense than our HG bumper plates with a higher bounce to reduce noise and vibrations
  • Design features a quality light gloss black rubber as a base to suit gyms looking for a consistent colour theme
  • Consistent 450mm thickness no matter the weight with 50mm diameter stainless steel insert (Tested to 10,000 drops)
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