Jordan Fitness Shadow Olympic Bar

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This top-of-the-range Olympic Bar, features an extraordinarily durable, titanium coating, stronger than any of our steel bars due to its strength-to-weight ratio. 

Built for weightlifting and powerlifting, this 7ft Anthracite Olympic 'Shadow Bar' is perfect for slick Barbell lifts, whether in your home gym, Boutique Gym or a CrossFit Box. Glimmering with a merge of black, gold, and charcoal grey tones, this barbell features various grip points with diamond, hill knurling, offering a soft grip for all your lifting pleasure.

  • Ideal bar for explosive exercises like snatch, clean and jerk and deadlifts. 
  • Slick black titanium coating, with diamond knurling for a soft, yet firm grip
  • Tensile strength 215000 PSI
  • Hi-flex bar lifting up to 900kg.
  • Weighs: 20kg, Length: 2,200mm Grip Diameter: 28mm
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