Jordan Fitness Soft Plyometric Box (Set of 5)

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Jordan Fitness Soft Plyometric Box (Set of 5). Designed for use by athletes, gym users and even suitable for children, these soft plyo boxes build strength, balance and power and are sure to become a firm favourite in any gym circuit.
  • High density foam blocks with non slip vinyl covers provide a soft surface that reduces stress on joints during landing 
  • Stackable design minimizes space required whilst Velcro holds boxes firmly in place
  • Light and easier to move around than ever before
  • Working platform area & footprint – 800mm x 800mm
  • With a footprint of less than a metre square these boxes are deign to fit any space
  • Total height when stacked approximately 1.59m


  • 3” Yellow - H:76mm, L800mm, W800mm
  • 6” Teal - H:152mm, L800mm, W800mm
  • 12” Orange - H:304mm, L800mm, W800mm
  • 18” Purple - H:457mm, L800mm, W800mm
  • 24” Red - H:609mm, L800mm, W800mm
  • Set of 5 - H1598mm, L800mm, W800mm
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