Jordan Fitness Vertical Dumbbell Racks (S-Series)

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Reduce your rack footprint by 75% with our vertical dumbbell racks and claim back even more workout space!

A world first, our new vertical dumbbell racks are the ultimate space-saving, storage solution for gyms, with room for up to 12 pairs of dumbbells (up to 30kg).

  • House your Jordan Urethane & Classic Dumbbells (excludes Ignite Urethane Dumbbells on 10 pair rack) on this space-saving dumbbell rack, taking up 75% less length than standard horizontal racks
  • Available in Grey or Matte Black, with the option to powder coat any colour to match your brand
  • Made from heavy-duty steel with added protection for your dumbbells (featuring rubber saddles to cushion your dumbbells)
  • Available in single racks that house 10 pairs of 2-20kg or 2.5-25kg dumbbells or choose our unique double 12 pair 2.5kg-30kg dumbbell storage rack
  • One year warranty

*Dumbbells not included

Dumbbell rack specifications

  • JTVDR2-BLK | 1-10 or 2-20kg | H:1710mm L:558mm D:482mm (10 pair)
  • JTVDR2-GRY |1-10 or 2-20kg | H:1710mm L:558mm D:482mm (10 pair)
  • JTVDR3-BLK | 2.5-25kg | H:1832mm L:558mm D:482mm (10 pair)
  • JTVDR3-GRY | 2.5-25kg | H:1832mm L:558mm D:482mm (10 pair)
  • JTVDR4-BLK | 2.5-30kg | H:1307mm L:1418mm D:482mm (12 pair)
  • JTVDR4-GRY | 2.5-30kg | H:1307mm L:1418mm D:482mm (12 pair)
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