NIELS-LARSEN Traditional Bench

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These traditional balance benches are superbly constructed to the highest standards. Each bench leg is jointed into both the bench top and the bench foot. This method of construction, combines with a dovetailed balance rail, produces a bench with optimum structural stability.


Hardwood fillets in the bench top ends prevent splitting. Hard wearing non-marking rubber feet provide stability and protect the floor while rubber buttons on the top provide protection when the bench is inverted enabling the 65mm wide balance rail on the underside to be used.


Durable nylon hooks allow the bench to be attached securely to other equipment such as a climbing frame or trestles.The bench is also available with castors at one end for easier transportation.


  • Width : Bench Top is 252mm, feet are 340mm  Height : 300mm
  • Length : 1830mm, 2670mm, 3350mm 

Available in the following options:


  • Hooks at Both Ends 
  • Hooks at One End 
  • Hooks at One End with Wheels
  • No Hooks 
  • No Hooks with Wheels


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