York Barbell 540 Heavy Duty 2 in 1 Barbell Bench & Squat Stand

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The York Barbell 540 Heavy Duty 2 in 1 Barbell Bench & Squat Stand brings you an effective combination to get you in shape by lifting weights.

The York B540 weight bench is a 2 in 1 product as it has a squat rack too, and the backrest has 5 adjustable positions from decline to incline and up to 90 degrees.

The strong and sturdy weight machine allows you to do a great number of exercises. There are thick foam rollers on the leg unit for support and comfort as well as storage space for weight plates, and it folds up neatly for easier storage.



  • 5 Position Adjustable Backrest - Decline through to Incline, Right up to 90 Degrees;
  • Compatible with Standard 1" Bars that are 5ft Long; Maximum Capacity: 250kg (551lbs);
  • Adjustable Bar Rack Height: Lowest Position of 65cm (25.5") and Highest of 132cm (52");
  • Also features a leg curl unit featuring large protective foam rollers.
  • York Fitness arm curl pad and lateral tower attachments are compatible to be purchased seperately. These attachments further increase the versatility and provide an all over body workout from just the one bench.


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