York Barbell FTS Olympic Combo Bench

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ully adjustable decline-incline bench press and when at 90-degree upright a shoulder press. A very simple and tested crossbar support makes this achievable along with a Òtwist n pullÓ pin on the main guide bar.

Telescopic uprights extend from 83cm up to 123cm at 6.2 cm increments, utilising the Òtwist n pullÓ pin system that has been mastered by York

Seat/base Pad use the same pad design as the Flex Bench to offer the highest level of support and comfort, set at a height of 51cm from the floor, this allows a firm planting of the feet when lifting

Comes as standard with the Leg Developer attachment (48009) and it can accommodate the Preacher Curl attachment (48008).

Designed to be used with a full-length Olympic 7ft bar or an over sized standard 1Óbar.

Internal bar length (between sleeves) must be 48Ó (120cm)


  • L x W x H (CM): 148 x 122 x 51
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