Zokop Oil Drum Charcoal Barbecue

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Do you want to enjoy cooking anytime, anywhere? If so the Zokop Oil Drum Charcoal Barbecue is the best choice. It has High Temperature Spray Paint (500-600 Degrees), this product uses a spherical design, multi-function oven, because of its small footprint, it can save space, so it can be easily carried anywhere and enjoy cooking.

The seamless connection between side smoker and main chamber help to heat up quickly and keep warming. 


1. Seamless connection between side smoker and main chamber help to heat up quickly and keep warming
2. With professional thermometer. Adjustable damper for better air flowing.
3. It is easy to setup, easy to use and easy to clean
4. 2 wheels designed for easy transport, convenience to move around your backyard
5. The top lid is assembled with a thermometer which is easy for you to read temperature. Wooden handles effectively prevent you from being burnt
6. The front wood shelf is designed for putting grilling tools or spices on it and easy reach
7. Perfect for family use and even when having a few friends over



1. Colour: Black
2. Material: Steel
3. Cooking Height: 75cm / 29.6 Inches     
4. Main Chamber: Dia 30.5cm / 12 Inch   
5. Side Smoker: Dia 30.5cm / 12 Inch    
6. Main Chamber Cooking Area: (24.4 x 11.8)" / (61.98 x 29.97)cm(L x W)
7. Side Smoker Cooking Area: (11.8 X 11.8)" / (29.97 x 29.97)cm(L x W)             
8. Wooden Shelf Area: (24.4 X 8.5)" / (61.98 x 21.59)cm(L x W)      
9. Thickness Of Material:0.6 mm
10. Product Size: (44.1 x 25.1 x 44.7)" / (112.01 x 63.75 x 113.54)cm(L x W)

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Charcoal Grill
  • 1 x User Manual 


  • Colour: Black
  • Fuel Type: Charcoal BBQs
  • Type: Portable
  • Features: Temperature Gauge, With Grill


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